Friday, May 3, 2013

It’s the little things that matter..

Yes and I mean it.

While we aim at the bigger achievements and better bargains, it’s the little things which give us the satisfactions and the pleasure. Atleast I find happiness in smaller to smaller things like leaving a note of smile if I find my people sad, cooking food of their choice and feed the first bite from my plate. Leaving a sweet message for my beloved ones so when they wake up in the morning, they feel good and that brings smile on their face. I strongly believe that first feeling of the day will energize for the whole day.

Can you imagine just a call or a message to let me know that the other person is remembering me, brings a bundle of heavenly pleasure? “I called just to hear your voice and to say hi to you” !! It’s an amazing feeling, trust me. Sharing a chocolate or a small “just like that” gift with a sweet note to a best friend, I swear the person never leaves you ! It’s a warm hug makes wonders in life when return home fully tired.

When the couples are busy in their own professional life, taking care of the extended family and kids, never get time for each other. It’s a good morning kiss which makes the day fantastic ! Nothing to lose when the couples go for a late evening walks sharing their interests. If the spouse finds a “miss you” note in the travel bag when away from home, the whole world means nothing infront of spouse.

My friend rightly says, it’s not required to buy gold or a precious gift to show the care or love to the other person. Its only words or vibes, which tells us the story of one's importance.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Me and my stupid feelings….

When you were leaving today, I was in tears as if this is our last meeting. Am not sure why I have a soft feelings for you though I know the fact. Why you came to my life, why not hold my hand on the path for the life time !!

I have a feeling that the road on which we are walking now is going to be narrow. We both are two parallel lines and can never meet. But still heart cannot understand what brain understands ! Am not like this, but when it comes to you, I’ll be lost.

We didn’t go around, didn’t spend hours together, didn’t exchange gifts or didn’t even get a second to look into other’s eyes to understand what is hidden there ! But still you have become like a part of my heart. It feels as if that someone has cut a part of my body and it is bleeding. I’m not getting words to explain further.

Am serious when I say this, that now I can understand how difficult it would have been to others who wanted me in their life and I turned my face with a NO signal !

Please don’t go….is all what I can say ! Just can’t hold my tears now also.

Me and my stupid feelings !!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Best friends for life !

How much a female can be a part of males life as “best friend” ?

I get to hear the bollywood mantra that “a girl and a boy can never be only friends” !!..not in all the cases ! Agree that not only best friends, but much more to it than just falling in love.

One such case infront of my eyes. Relationship took too many turns and the outcome was a shock !

They were colleagues, became good friends and then best friends in a very short span of time. He was younger to her and was more attached to her. For smaller to smaller needs, there was a dependency on each other. It was surely not LOVE ! She used to care for him along with his parents. She was well accepted by his parents also as a daughter.

Once he saw a baby picture on her desktop and did a sketch of it to gift her. She was in tears when she received his first gift. The relationship was so deep that she used to sense if he is in trouble. She was everything to him, a sister, a friend, a guide, a mother and a mentor as well. Many talents he had which he himself didn’t know, was recognized and appreciated by her. He was so close to her that he never wanted to have more friends. It was an open relationship known to all. One strange thing which always happened was, she used to dream about him as he is in trouble and asking for her help. Second she always wanted to be with him on his birthday, which never happened. So she always bought two gifts – one of his choice, and one hers.

Everything should come to an end.

He left the job and joined another company. This was just a physical distance but gradually distance increased. His parents were looking for alliances for him and he had to travel to US on his work. She was in total dark not knowing what is actually happening. Either he was busy or ignoring, but they lost touch for months. One fine day, she herself went to his parents place to know if they are doing good bcos son was in US. It was a bad day – she saw him sitting inside along with his parents. She was shocked that he never told her also when he came back from US. Later his mother also told that he got operated on appendicitis and his marriage was fixed !!!!! She was not aware on any of these. Obvious she was hurt for the fact atleast he could have informed on this health. It was a bad hit on “Best Friend” relation. She was angry on all the three and came out of the house. Surprisingly, he also didn’t try to call her back.

Wedding went well, but “best friends” never met. Almost an year, they didn’t talk…both were expecting other to give up and come back. But she used to get same old dreams like he is in trouble and he needs her help. She tried contacting his parents to know his whereabouts. He was happy in his married life, but she was hurt, burnt and suffered….

New year day..

She tried, but never succeeded in forgetting him for one year. So she thought of calling him to patch up again, by ignoring whatever happened. For various reasons, he didn’t feel like patching up again. She felt the heat of the rejection but couldn’t do much. But it was a jerk for her that he will never be back in her life.

Twist in the story…

One more woman in her workplace, devotee of Ravishankar Guruji, has excelled in deep meditation and spiritual power since 10 years, cracked a mystery of their life. She told everything what she feels for him and why !

Why she had suffered a lot because of him, why she used to do extra care, why she did fasting when he was not able to clear MBA how she was able to sense whenever he was in trouble, why she just can’t hate him or forget him, why every second her mind thinks about him, why she felt all his pains…

He was an abnormal child in his past life who died as baby and SHE was his MOTHER in her past life !!!

She was still carrying those cosmic rays in the present life, and could not come out of the motherly affection in the next life also. He didn’t realize all these and never bothered also.

Sad part of her is…. she knows he is in trouble now also and the reason for the problems, but helpless to do anything for him because of the distance he is maintaining. Her mother heart is not able to tolerate this, but nothing can be done apart from wishing good for him.

That friend/mother is still waiting anxiously for her best friend/child to come back to her. This past life mystery will haunt her through-out of her life.

Best friend of this life was a child in past life !!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Finally it happened…

Paul the Octopus is no more… Paul died in sleep, they say, but GOD knows how !

Paul became internationally famous for correctly predicting the winner of each Germany's seven matches at the 2010 World Cup, as well as the final. Paul's selections were designed so that he was presented with two boxes containing food in the form of a mussel, each box marked on the outside with the flag of a national football team in an upcoming match. His choice of which mussel to eat first was taken as indicating his prediction of a win for the country whose flag was on that box.

Isn’t it amazing ? An animal predicting the winner of the foot ball world cup ! Well, former Argentina coach Diego Maradona instead found the Paul as psychic and was glad that he is dead.

Opinion differs !!

Finally it happened…

I never saw my workplace how it looks after 9 pm. This is really crazy that I had to stretch for more than 14 hours without break..! Had a long drive all the way in the night from my office to my sister’s place which is close to some 22 kms. One of the bad days in my career. Stress and politics lead to frustration and feel like walking out of the place.

Finally it happened…

One of my best friends broke up with her boy friend after some 5 break-up & patch-ups in 4 months period. And the reason being, her status on FB was ‘looking for friendship’ (mind it, it was not relationship). Another reason was, he gifted a precious diamond ring and she wore it on a middle finger. I can understand, if she denies wearing on the ring finger, but he took a decision to ditch her bcos she didn’t wear. Instead he could have told her not to wear when she was checking the ring size.

Was wondering, if the relationships are so sensitive, why people get into relationships and if the basic trust doesn’t exist from the day one, how can the so called, LOVE grew so much. !! If the love is so strong and divine, why it breaks up for silly reasons like this.

Finally it happened…

Thought of moving on with life, with what I get. I get what I deserve is a simple logic. Personal or professional life, one has to be strong enough to face challenges and get on with it. May be it sounds like more of a preach, but its true that one comes alone to this world, and goes alone. The more we are attached to the people around us, the more we get hurt.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

How to deal with annoying people

Pests are a reality of life! Here's how you can deal with them.

All of us have encountered annoying people at some point or the other in our lives. Whether it's a clingy friend, irritating co-worker, relatives that we don't like etc. And whether we like it or not, we just can't eliminate them from our lives completely. What we really need to do is, deal with them effectively.

Here are some tips:
Listen: Most conflicts are based on misunderstandings. And misunderstandings require clarifications i.e. spending even more time with someone, you'd rather not be with. Hence, listening will help you avoid having to spend further time with people who annoy you.

Ignoring: Ignoring is a very common strategy used to deal with annoying people, but definitely not the most effective. If someone is bothering you, but you do not wish to get into any argument or unpleasantness, ignoring the person is a reasonably fair option. That way you can safely avoid them without a confrontation.

Being Honest: Sometimes, people just don't seem to understand the hints you've been dropping. That's because he or she might still be under the false impression that you enjoy their company. If a person get too pushy, it is best to be honest with them about how do you feel. But, beware of sounding rude.

Keeping it cool: It's quite natural to want to argue with those who annoy you. However, by doing so, you will lose your cool and other person will still not get your point. During a heated-discussion there is no scope for a logical conversation, as neither party is interested in understanding the other's point of view. A better option is to walk away and resume the conversation only when you are in a better frame of mind.

Monday, September 13, 2010

My blood donation

It was a shock for me when Anil messaged me asking for A+ blood donation as his dad was serious and got admitted in Apollo. God knows how this guy manages to protect 3 families (his own, aunt’s and sister’s) being the only person to earn. His dad was sick since 3 months, with a poor performance of all the parts of his body.

Immediately I called him to check when I can go to donate blood. Pramod and Dileep also agreed to donate blood along with me. I must appreciate my husband Pramod for his open mind though he had issues with Anil sometime back, he came forward to donate blood. The girl in the lab tested my blood and declared that I have a good count of hemoglobin. I was feeling somewhat in the heaven for the fact that my blood is going to save somebody’s life. I feel happier and content this way. This gives me more satisfaction than any treasure in the world. While the lab assistant was extracting my blood, I was thinking someone in the world is going to be my “blood relative” without knowing each other. It’s a feel good factor for me.

I reached home after a while, sent the message to all my friends. But got to know that his dad passed away in that duration when we were in the hospital itself. I felt really bad for Anil, even after so much of effort, he could not save his dad’s life. Uncle’s kidney was failed previous night and that day itself the lungs stopped functioning. Somehow I felt as if I lost somebody in my family itself. It’s painful to see somebody moving away infront of our eyes.

Last time when I spoke to him was during Rashmi’s wedding. He wanted to search for a good guy for me assuming I was not married. On the way back to home after the wedding, I invited Aunty and Uncle to visit my place, but they promised me to make it someother day. The “someother day” never came again. ! Losing husband on the very next day of Gowri festival is horrible to any women, as this is supposed to be the pooja to pray for husband’s long life. I can imagine what Aunty must be going through.

Full day I was feeling low, Pramod took me to watch movie, but my mind was still in Apollo, thinking how we could have saved him. May the soul rest in peace and may god give strength to Anil’s family to bear the loss of uncle’s death.

I have decided to give my blood once in 3 months and to donate all useful parts of my body, so that even after death I can be of help to others.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Silence speaks...only when u stop talking !

I swear I don’t know what made me to think why trees are green ! I know it’s very stupid to think, but why ? Why can’t be blue. Suddenly my science teacher of my school days, Ratnakar Sir, came infront of my eyes with a long stick. I do remember, Chlorophyll gives plants their green colour. But the chlorophyll could be blue also, could be red also. All mads ! The rain has just stopped, the jack fruit tree behind my apartment is looking even more greener. So fresh, pleasing to eyes. But I personally don’t like green, like Mamta does. She is the limit, she used to buy eraser for the drawing class which has only green cover on it. I like white of all, and also sky blue. Sky blue attracts me more in dozens of colours, I don’t even remember how many blue color dress/saree I have. Blue reminds me of sky, the cloud, the clean, the purity, the openness and white reminds me of milky bar I ever liked, the moon, my favourite. Full moon is the best part of my life, I can spend hours together watching the beautiful moon, and listening to the mild romantic music adds on. If Moon was a man, I would have got married to him. I had read somewhere, that if somebody loves somebody, and if they want to convey something to that somebody, they can express the same to moon and moon will pass that message to the other someone who is also watching the moon at that moment. But my question is why do we need moon to pass the message, as you need to wait one day in a month to express something to someone. The technology is so advanced, we can use cell phone, in a second, the message has reached ! Or even just dial and talk. Talk, talk and talk till u collapse.

By the way, all my friends say am very talkative…is that so ?